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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:36 am

Here are the ranks obtainable by players on this forum. Hope it clears up any previous confusion!

Ranks acquirable by post quantity:
Probably Human: 0-4 posts
Poster: 5-9 posts
Active!!: 10-19 posts
Addicted..: 20-29 posts
Spammer: 30-39 posts
Getting Out of Hand...: 40-59 posts
Spam King: 60+ posts

Ranks not acquirable by post quantity:
Developer: Given if one of your ideas in Suggestions has been implemented into the game.
Custom Ranks: Custom ranks can be given for winning competitions.

Authoritative ranks:
Moderator: Consistent posting of suggestions for the forum and/or for the Helpful Info section. Also acquirable by reaching the rank Spam King (Although, who'd want to give that up?)
Super Moderator: Trusted by Admin.
Junior Admin: Trusted by Admin.
Admin: Impossible. One Admin to rule them all.

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