Bugs & Tricks for pvpcoolers (FooJub)

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Bugs & Tricks for pvpcoolers (FooJub) Empty Bugs & Tricks for pvpcoolers (FooJub)

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:09 am

~ Solace has issues connecting, taking twice as long or never connecting, and if you do it wipes your hotkey tray

~ Vanquisher, any skill design, the exp design, or colored designs do not gain the passive boost.

~ Havoc and Hercules do not apply their passive(s)

~ Slight delay in shooting any laser

~ If you lock a target, shoot it, and retreat, even if you're not being shot or are shooting you cannot repair, either shields or health. To fix this target an npc or friendly/enemy player or even base module. Or jump port. Or if the target EMP's that also works but you can't count on that 100%.

~ You can't change your hellstorm launcher ammo unless you get really lucky.

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~ The Accuracy chip or something provides 5-second jump to 4-4 randomly placed no matter company

~ Booty keys provide Apis and Zeus, 2 keys, or an XP booster. (Note, Apis and Zeus do not give you 2 slots (4 total), they are only there for appearance. If you receive either twice or more, you receive 80 keys instead) (XP boosters give you 3.5x the exp for PLAYER kills, not npc or bases, they do not stack, and you lose them as soon as you die) (You also have a common chance to get nothing out of these boxes)

~ You receive 1 key for killing an enemy or warred clan base module.

~ If you receive the P.E.T. Commander title via logging on, or by killing another player with it you can use a pet in any map until you die.

~ In VS Arena 1V1 matches you receive a temporary pet for that match, which gives you all level 3 gears, repair, guard, and kamikaze, but the kamikaze gear is only level 2 for some reason.

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