Goliath Skill Designs (FooJub)

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Goliath Skill Designs (FooJub) Empty Goliath Skill Designs (FooJub)

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Spectrum: Reduces laser damage dealt to user by 80% but reduces laser damage dealt by user by 30%, passive 10% shield boost, graphic effect, spinning half-opaque crumpled ball, nickname noob tube. Lasts 30 seconds. Counters available: Spear's JAM-x (N/A in Coolers)

Sentinel: Increases shield efficiency by reducing damage dealt to shields by 30%, may or may not reduce speed by 30% (unknown in coolers, removed in DO). Passive 10% shield boost, Does not apply if you do not use shields, or have no remaining shield health. Graphic effect: Bubble shield, but ongoing and with rippling white energy flowing through cracks as a show of "reinforcement". Continues even if shields are gone. Lasts 2 minutes. Counters available: Spear's JAM-x (N/A in coolers)

Solace: Instant heal of 50% health for user, 25% for teammates (clanmates do not apply unless in team) passive 10% shield boost, graphic effect is a big green plus over ship, accompanied by how much it was allowed to repair (max of 215k in coolers, 107,500 for teammates) Counter's available: (N/A, cannot stop it unless you use it before it is activated as it is instant)
Note: Use at your own peril, if you can connect Wink

Diminisher: When activated, sets a 50% damage increase on target's shields, but (DO only) reduces current shield health by 30% immediately until end of ability. Passive 5% damage boost. Graphic effect, bubble shield effect on user and target, but is yellow-orange and pulsating. Counters available: Shield recharge tech (emp does not work) Jam-x

Venom: When activated, sets a steadily increasing DoT (Damage over Time) on target, starting at 1k and increasing to 10k over time, causing a overall damages done of around 400k. This does not kill in coolers, but will take you to 0 health, but in DO it will kill. Passive 5% damage. Graphic effects, gold fiery ring around user's and target's ship, with mini explosions in center of both ships. Counters available: Jam-x or EMP. (NOTE: IN DO VENOM CAN NO LONGER USE ABILITY IF TARGET IS OUT OF RANGE< OR IF TARGET LEAVES RANGE)

Submitted by: FooJub

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