Non-Skill Goliath Designs (NoobyToons)

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Non-Skill Goliath Designs (NoobyToons) Empty Non-Skill Goliath Designs (NoobyToons)

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:16 am

Bastion: Grants a 10% increase to users' shields.

Enforcer: Grants a 5% increase to users' damage.

"RedStark": Appears to be a red Spectrum design which implies that it would give the same effect and passive boost as Spectrum but actually does not. This ship actually does nothing for your ship but make it look like a red Spectrum. May only the bold use it.

Blue Kick: Appears to be a "Kick" design with several other cool neon blue colours thrown onto it. Same as the Kick, it gives the same shield boost of 10%.

Referee: Same as on DarkOrbit, this design gives a 5% damage boost. Previously there were suspicions as to if it's boost actually worked on Coolers or not, but it seems to be working just fine now.

Kick: Grants a 10% increase to users' shields.

American (Independence): On regular DarkOrbit and Coolers, the Independence design grants no bonus.

Goal: On DarkOrbit this design grants a 10% boost to EP. On Coolers, however, it does not grant any differences whatsoever.

Exp Design (Exalted): On DarkOrbit the EP Design is called the Veteran, but on Coolers, the Exp Design appears as an Exalted. On Coolers, despite popular theory, it does not grant any boost to points gained from player OR NPC kills at all.

Vanquisher/Peacemaker/Sovereign: On DarkOrbit, these designs grant an extra 7% damage to other players but on Coolers, unfortunately, no boost is administered.

Centaur: Grants a 10% HP boost.*

Saturn: Grants a 20% HP Boost.*

*I just tested something out with Saturn and Centaur and have found that both designs give the same percent change to your HP. I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but my HP went from 430,000 to 530,000 with both designs. (A whole 100k more health to go through.)

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